The Search for Franklin Town

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What is Known About Franklin Town?

A small town located on the southern end of Amelia Island, Florida.  Franklin Town was the result of the civil war and field order 15 issued by General Wm Techumsh  Sherman including confederate held land between coastal North Carolina and Florida. Essentially the order gave slave holder lands to slaves who were the property of the land owners.  One such property was the Harrison Plantation, spanning more than 1000 acres from Amelia City to Nassau Sound.


Entry to Cemetery 2015

Historical Facts

We have uncovered a lot about Frankin Town. However, the search continues. Find more facts here and follow our blog, The Search for Franklin Town, to stay up to date on all of our finding, interviews and talks.

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Slaves, Land and Deeds

Here you will find a list of Plantations, slaves, their owners, land deeds and much more.

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American Beach on Amelia Island

American Beach, whose social ancestry originates with Franklin Town and A.L. Lewis' eventual purchase of the property that is now called American Beach, is arguably the last remaining predominately African American oceanfront vacation settlement in the U.S. and particularly in the south where there was once several dotting the eastern seaboard from Maryland, Virginia, the Carolinas and Georgia.

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